GSYS (God's Story, Your Story)

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GSYS (God's Story Your Story) will help you find your place in God's larger story.

Eugene Peterson says, "We live in narrative, we live in story. Existence has a story-shape to it. We have a beginning and an end, we have a plot, we are characters."

God's Story Your Story takes us through the plot of God's Story, where we discover His greater purpose for all of human history. Understanding this Larger Story gives us a context for making sense of the reoccurring questions and struggles of our lives. Also, it shows us that to be part of this unseen story of faith we must daily trust God to make the kind of redemptive choices that allow us to be active participants (instead of passive spectators) in the part of the Story He is writing through our lives.

Each of the six sessions will build on previous sessions, while focusing on the following topics:

  • History is God's Story
  • Stories are God's Idea
  • The Seven-Fold Chapter Story of God
  • Your Life is a Visible Story Shaped by Many Personal Stories
  • Not all Stories are Created Equal
  • Redeeming Your Story by Rereading Your Story

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