In His Image

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A North Star for the Masculine Soul

Recent trends showing the decline and displacement of men in both the home and the marketplace have prompted our culture to begin to rethink the whole subject of masculinity. Current discussions about the "New Macho," the "Beta-Male," and the "Retrosexual Man" fill the media, encouraging men to "man up" by claiming their lost masculinity.

Yet, in the midst of all the rhetoric and excitement, something essential is missing. Men today do not know what definies their masculinity. Likewise, most men are unaware that God has designed their masculinity to uniquely reflect something about Himself - something that when refllected will make a difference in their marriages, families, churches and the world.

In His Image is a one-day seminar designed to help men grasp what God has designed them to be as a "man"; and how that design is to be uniquely lived out in all their relationships. Some topics that will be considered are:

  • Why men are drawn to power and action?
  • Why do men struggle with the fear of inadequacy?
  • How men use anger, shame, avoidance, the compulsion to fix, and fantasy as a means of protecting their masculine souls.
  • How a man's masculinity is restores through a risk-taking faith in God and a heart-felt connection with the community of men.

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