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M3 is committed to engaging men with biblical truth through meaningful relationships for the pupose of building masculine strength and integrity that can positively impact the world. The following groups exist to serve that purpose:


Dedicated to RESTORING the masculine soul; REDEEMING the masculine story; and RELEASING into the world life-giving masculine strength, M3-Connect is a large group bimonthly event. Our purpose is to encourage men to "act like men" by doing what God built us to do: "Men were built to bless!"

Our series for the year is entitled: "Sexual Redemption" and will be dealing with the following topics:

  • Sexual Redemption is every man's need
  • iPhones, iPods and iSex
  • "Holy Sex, Batman"
  • Getting to the heart of LUST
  • Staying Strong in Temptation's Battle
  • Dealing with the Fallout of Sexual Failure
  • Super-marital sex (Solomon on Sex)
  • Affair-proofing your marriage
  • Sex and the Single Guy
  • The Long Journey toward Sexual Redemption
M3-Life (Florida)

If you want to experience life together with a group of Christian men, while seeking after God, then M3-Life is for you. All are welcome to experience connection with others in a way that develops deeper trust and faith in God, as life is viewed through the perspective of Christ and His movement in our lives.

We focus on the application of the various topics we learn through God's word admist our quiet time with Him, and the many resources available to us through AHM. M3-Life is a Florida only group that meets weekly. No planning or preparing necessary, just show up!

M3-Story Weekends

Surrounded by the natural beauty of God's creation, we invite you to spend a life-changing Story Weekend together with a small group of men as we focus in on what it means to depend on God to live a masculine life of redemption.

Through personal reflection and the unique opportunity to tell your story, you'll be given the incredible gift of experiencing in the deepest part of your heart the meaning and purpose God has designed your life to have by learning to "reinterpret" all the events of your life story--both good and bad--from the context of God's Larger Story.

Given the retreat's unique setting and focus, you'll encounter a time of both restoration and hope. We especially recommend this for small groups that already exist.

M3-Able Men

The biblical origins of Able Men is founded in scripture in Exodus 18:13-26. An Old Testament technical term ("Kayil-ish") describing spiritually qualified men capable of helping to bear the load of shepherding God's people.

The focus of Able Men training is to:

  • Develop spiritually qualified men for the service of Christ in three core areas of their life including their vision of God, their understanding of themselves, and their heart for others.
  • To maintain a dedicated ministry team from these qualified men, who feel called and are committed to partnering together in the work God is doing through AHM

The strategy for developing Able Men involves the development of personal character and ministry skills. The training is aimed at the continued movement towards the redemption of a man's masculinity and personal story through the regular practice of spiritual disciplines for the purpose of stirring up faith, hope and love. Our hope is that as these "Able Men" continue down this path, God will be pleased to use them in the shepherding of His people for the glory of His name.

M3-Prayer Team

Our Prayer Team is made up of both men and women, who passionately believe that only God can open blinded eyes, soften hardened hearts, and heal broken relationships. Directed by Bob Miller, the team blankets all AHM events and seminars with prayer for God's will to be accomplished in the lives of all the attendees.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. James 5:16

To join our Prayer Team, please email us at info@ahmministries.org or call us at 248.817.2058 (MI) or 239.593.6161 (FL).


M3-Shepherds is an informal discussion group exclusively designed to assist Pastors in understanding their life story, and how it's often negatively lived out in their style of leadership within the church. By better understanding the internal issues from their past, which drive their present, our hope is to see pastors more purposefully trust Christ with their wounded hearts, and thus reduce the potential for leadership failure. As a result, both Christ's church and their calling can be faithfully preserved!

This group meets at the AHM office in Michigan from 9:00AM - 10:30AM every third Thursday of the month.

For more information about M3-Shepherds or how, as a Pastor, you can become part of it, contact Scott Engelman at AHM office 248.817.2058 (MI).

M3-Coram Deo Men

Weekly small groups aimed at helping men to live their lives in such a way that everything they are, everything they do and everything they have finds its fullest expression in God's centrality, deepest meaning in God's supremacy and ultimate purpose for God's glory.


Click here for our Calendar or to find an M3 affiliated group in Metro-Detroit or Southwest Florida areas, please email us at info@ahmministries.org or call us at 248.817.2058 (MI) or 239.593.6161 (FL).