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In this six week seminar, M3-Core teaches the foundational message of AHM concerning a man's design, identity, and purpose. Simply stated, we believe that…

  • Weeks 1-3: Men are Dependent Creatures created to live for the Glory of God
  • Weeks 4-6: Men are Male Image-Bearers designed to reflect the Power of God

During this workshop we will discover life's core purpose is not to manage our world, but to glorify the Creator of this World by the way we daily choose to live our lives. We will also outline what it looks like as men to live out God's design for the masculine soul, contrasting that with its current state characterized by confusion and fear. We will conclude by focusing on the hope for the masculine soul and how God redeems our masculinity, strengthening us to make a difference in our world, by learning to depend on His adequacy in the midst of our own inadequacy.


Click here for our Calendar or to find an M3 affiliated group in Metro-Detroit or Southwest Florida areas, please email us at info@ahmministries.org or call us at 248.817.2058 (MI) or 239.593.6161 (FL).