"I grew up in a very troublesome home, as so many others, and I was missing something as an adult. I started going to M3 after joining a Men's group in Lapeer. I found that the information and fellowship gave me a puproseful drive that made me want to be more of a Christlike husband, and father. It made such a difference in my life, that my marriage improved almost instantly. When I got the opportunity to take my wife on one of the Marriage retreats, I jumped at the opportunity. She was not nearly as excited about "going to spend a weekend with a bunch of people that she did not know discussing marriage issues, and airing our dirty laundry." After meeting the other couples, and talking with Mark and Linda Jackson, she had the time of her life. The ministry that AHM has done in my life has helped my wife and myself get closer to God. Which has drawn us closer than we ever were. We still have our issues from time to time, but we are not fighting alone. I have since finished my Bachelor's in Psychology, and am awaiting the Lord's assignment for my ministry." - Ronald

"My involvement with AHM and M3 has changed me in a way I could not have ever guessed. I learned ways to draw closer to God and to people. The weird part is that I thought I was already close to my family and to my Lord. I feel very equipped now to engage in interpersonal relationships in ways that produce life. Even today I was able to navigate some choppy waters with a close relative, and I know that what I learned from my friends in this ministry played a big role in what I decided to do. God works in me in new ways now. I am going to keep these tools in my belt for the rest of my life." - Dave

Marriage Retreat

"As I sit here this morning in awe of a miracle working God, a God that can restore life and love back to a very broken and closed heart. As we come to the end of this marriage intensive weekend I realize that this is actually the beginning; the beginning of the next stage of this journey that God has us on. This journey has been long and hard and I know what lies before us still will bring uncertainty, some fears and anxieties but for the first time along this journey of hard times I see two companions have joined us, Hope & Faith." - Deena

"We have attended two Awakened Heart Marriage weekends. They had a very powerful impact in our marriage as we learned to identify the wounds and responses/stories we tell ourselves. We appreciated the different angles at which we approached potential marriage problems. It was hard work but paid off in deep connection and was well worth it. We share the affirmation exercise with our marriage group at church and practice reflective listening. We felt blessed that the weekends were held in the Grand Haven area, beautiful setting, and sincere sharing. We continue to feel blessed with the help and healing we received from the weekends, and we still work at applying the truth we learned." - Mark & Lisa

"Oh my goodness, where do I begin? We went to a AHM weekend with couples last fall. That weekend impacted our marriage more than thousands of dollars of counseling. We are still building and growing in a positive direction. God performed surgery on our hearts that weekend and it has had amazing results that will last a lifetime. We are sharing our experience with everyone we know. We know without God at the center, our marriage will not survive. Serving each other communion was a huge blessing to each of us and impacted us greatly. Thank you to Scott and the rest of the AHM team. Thanks just doesn't seem like a big enough word. We love you and are so forever grateful!" - Brad and Pam

Story Weekend

"I have been positively impacted by "Story Weekend", and "In His Image" men's conference." - Tom "Tee"

"My first encounter with Awakened Hearts Ministries was through a Story Weekend! It rocked my world! It opened my eyes to God's bigger picture for my life. It helped to free me from the repetitive, self-defeating behavior that crippled my life. My wife and I later attended the Marriage Weekend. We not only learned how to communicate more effectively, but how to respect each other's wounds. It truly blessed our marriage. I have attended the following AHM lectures: The Story of a Man, T-22, How To Read a Bible, God's Story, Your Story, The Genesis of Marriage. The knowledge learned from these courses has reshaped my reality and view of God and creation. These courses combined have equipped me with both the knowledge and the courage to speak boldly and effectively into the lives of the men around me." Very grateful - Tom

"My Story Weekend was MIND AND LIFE CHANGING!!! I have to admit that I was afraid to go and share my story, but the support and friendship helped me get it out. I would recommend a story weekend to any man who needs help in dealing with relationships and in also FINDING THE "LORD"!! IT'S GREAT THANKS!!!" - Robert

"The story weekend brought to light how I have been living outside God's greater story. It showed me how I had not been living life as the man He had intended. Through the redemptive process God has spoken into my life and put upon my heart his will for me. It has once again started the long journey of becoming the man I was designed to be. Sharing the weekend with other men from Church was very important for all of us. We developed a special bond and know we can count on each other for support and also to keep us in our redeemed stories." - Greg